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Our Process!

Human Resources Management

From experience, we know that HR plays the most vital role in making the out sourcing successful for our customer in North America and Europe. Not only that HR assumes the responsibility of making sure that employees are satisfied and comfortable in their job environment but also ensures that they are trained to overcome the cultural, linguistic, educational and cultural differences to perform the jobs to the satisfaction of our customers.

Middle Management

Middle Management layer at Velorium is made up of highly technical individual with the right mix of management and hands on experience to play the role of liaison between the customer and the employee for the new of special project. The key responsibility of the Middle Management is to establish a customized process for the daily jobs to be managed by the employees to our customer's satisfaction.


Each one of our customer is unique both in terms of the business that they carry  out but al in terms of the work culture within the company. We believe that a business can only grow and be profitable when the employees grow with the company. That is why we make sure that we match the right candidates to fit into the professional culture of our customers. Whether full-time, part-time or consulting basis, we encourage direct communication between our customers and "their" employees that we manage for them. This unique setup allows individuals to grow with the company and understand the needs of a business on a long term basis.

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