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Outsource web development and web designing

Website is an important source to show your virtual presence. This give you representation over the net so that others can access you through your web page. Web page designing and development are crucial issues to deal with. The professional hands are capable enough to turn the face of  your website. The image that is projected, the structure, the usability, the navigation thorough it, the content management are all very important thing to be dealt with. All these aspects can only be managed and done through professionals.

When it comes to outsource web development and web design work and picking a professional outsource web design company, Velorium offers a real professional service with lowest rates ever. We have a pool of extensive experienced designers and developers who can develop website for you to enhance the exposure of your products or services in a user friendly way.

How does it work?

Expert hands can change the face of your website. Our experts would collect the basic information about your company/ organization. The copy writer would get the details and manage them as per requirements. The designer would arrange the presentation of text and the selected data and would make it more presentable. The developers would develop the architecture and the codes for the website and would manage the related detail such as linkages, structure, implement security and other required measures.

How much would it cost?

An intermediate level designer will cost you $650 to $750 USD / month depending on the qualification, experince and skills set of the person. The designer will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week. This price includes all other costs and management fees.

How can I get a web developer/designer?

You may call (866) 254 1857 or drop an email at sales@velorium.com. You may also fill the form using our contact us section. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Steps involving website design?

Following is the list of tasks our team performs in normal circumstances. The tasks can be modified/changed as per your requirements.

Requirement Analysis
The first thing would be to analyze the requirements. What data is supposed to be presented there and how things should be managed what are the aspects that are supposed to be covered and how the information is supposed to be managed. The basic work would be the responsibility of the copywriter as he has to manage the basics.
Develop a Structure
The developer would be there to support the structure of the website. He/She has to write the code how to run the various applications. How to manage the navigation? What is the Mandatory information required? What are the other aspects that need to be evaluated? How the security is to be implemented? How the tracking would be done. All this would be done with the help various tools available such as ASP, .Net Framework, JAVA Script, PHP, Flash and many more.
This would be the area where the role of a graphic designer really comes up. He/She is used to manage the format of the web site and manage all the pictorial through out pages. managing color schemes and combinations. He would be the person who has to merge the text with the graphics and comes up with a blend of various things. Once done with all those steps all the things would be linked togather and implemented as whole which turns out to be dashing website where you can see you company information all the products and their services that are being offered and all the related materials about your company.
Once done it would then be approved by the experts it would be forwarded to you or webdevelopment team.

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