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Flash Animation and Applications

Flash animations are other aspects of graphical designing where we play with images or pictorials blending them together so that the output turns to be a very attractive and catch sort thing, which would be interesting, humorous as well as would be self descriptive. Mostly used for videos, presentations and documentaries animations have turned out to be a very effective and interesting medium to portray any thing serious or important. Also used for website and various other interactive tool to fantasize the customer. You can create cards visuals and can be used in various other applications also.

How does it work?

Our designing experts would be directly in coordination with you and try to figure out your requirements and the purposes and the images that you want to project through that animation. Based on your requirement and their personal judgment and expert opinion they would come up with some thing creative and different to best suite your requirements. Having a sound grip on tools they can play around with various aspects and drill down with some thing best meets your requirement.

How much would it cost?

An intermediate level designer and a falsh script programmer will cost you $1,000 to $1,200 USD / month each depending on the qualification, experince and skills set of the person. The designer and scripting programmer will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, that is $6 per hour for your cost. This price includes all other costs and management fees.

How can I get a Virtual Assistant?

You may call (866) 254 1857 or drop an email at sales@velorium.com. You may also fill the form using our contact us section. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Normal steps involving in the creation of flash application?

Following is the list of tasks our designing team performs in normal circumstances. The tasks can be modified/changed as per your requirements.

Gather Information & Analysis
The design consultant would work closely with you and try to analyze your requirement with various aspects. Once done with the analysis phase they would utilize their expertise and creativity and would come up with some thing unique. They would be focusing on your requirements and the image/ message that you wan to project through that animation.
Prototypes and screen shots
Based on the your given theme, prototypes and screenshots are created for understanding of the requirements.
Designing and Scripting
Once the concept and the matter has been finalized it would then be mapped through various tools such as Flash, Flex, etc to make sure that your requirements have been met and the desired output is achieved.

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