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We train Virtual Assistants according to the latest techniques being followed worldwide and definitely keeping in view your requirement. The VA would be able enough to not only to coordinate but also to launch and execute various advertisement activities.

How does it work?

A person known as a virtual advertising agent (VAA) would be assigned to you, who would be well versed with the respective skills and traits you would require. This VAA would get the message you want to communicate and would reform it using his skills and abilities so that the result should justify your expectations. He would be working closely with you under your supervision.

How much would it cost?

An intermediate level virtual advertising agent (VAA) for answering customers emails/resolving over chat will cost you $550 to $650 USD / month. However VAA handling direct customer calls  will cost between $650 to $750 USD / month depending upon the educations, experinces and skills sets of the person.. This price includes all other costs and management fees. The Va will work 8 hours a day and 6 days a week, that is $4 per hour for your cost.

How can I get a virtual advertising agent?

You may call (866) 254 1857 or drop an email at sales@velorium.com. You may also fill the form using our contact us section. We will contact you within 24 hours.

What an advertising agent can do?

Here is the list of tasks being performed by our advertising agents.

Manage & Implement Advertising activities
The VAA would be there to launch and manage the advertising activities as per your schedule and requirement.
Once the activities have been executed he would collect the required data and forward it you in the format you have specified. Also he would be giving his input regarding the responses of various activities.

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