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Velorium was founded by entrepreneurs with a diverse background in businesses and management who wanted to jump on this bandwagon of outsourcing to increase productivity and reduce business overheads to maximize the profitability. By going through the process of offshore outsourcing for their own businesses they recognized that managing outsourcing is not as simple and straight forward as one would like to think.

The top most reason why outsourcing has not caught up for smaller business is because they do not have the resources to build HR and the middle management teams to hire and manage the employees thousands of miles away. At, Velorium, we take the uncertainty out of hiring remote employees. We anticipate the problems in advance and take appropriate step for your work to continue without any disruptions and we train "your employees" to fit into your company's culture. With our dedication, hard work and technology driven services, we have attained a distinguished place in top business process outsourcing companies.

Therefore, through personal experiences Velorium has established an outsourcing process to make it work for small and medium sized business on a micro level. Velorium infrastructure allows our clients to outsource various critical and repetitive tasks to overseas employees for a fraction of the cost of hiring an employee in the United, Canada or Europe.

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